Omega Motion - Saltillo, MS


Omega Motion began working with their customers to reduce cardboard usage throughout the facility. This has been accomplished through the implementation of returnable containers for shipping product to customers. The facility is able to use returnable totes to ship 95% of its product to customers, all but eliminating the need for cardboard containers.

By replacing plant lighting systems of the older, less-efficient metal halide type with newer, more-efficient fluorescent lighting, the facility has achieved a 40% reduction in electrical energy usage for lighting.

Through the purchase of a new floor scrubber, equipped with the ecH20 system that electronically charges plain water so it can be used to clean floors without chemicals, the facility has achieved a 38% reduction of chemicals needed to clean the floors. This resulted in a 12-month savings of $4804.80 on chemical usage.

By designing and installing a closed-loop coolant system for their tumblers, the facility is now able to filter and reuse coolant that would normally go down the drain after one use. In doing so, the facility has reduced the amount of coolant needed to be purchased by 50%.

The facility achieved a 50% reduction in the amount of waste going to the landfill by developing and implementing a process to recycle plastics, paper, aluminum, wood, and metal.

Omega Motion set new goals to achieve in 2015: improve recycling performance 10% per 2014 data, reduce cardboard and pallet usage by 5% per 2014 data, and reduce paint waste by 25%. The facility plans to achieve these goals by doing the following:

  • Increase employee awareness of recycling programs.
  • Supervisors will police the contents of the recycling containers.
  • Due to shortages in returnable totes, there are times when the facility must ship product in cardboard boxes on pallets. By purchasing more returnable totes, the facility will eliminate usage of cardboard and pallets.
  • A better-designed catch pan would allow the facility to pump more of the excess paint back to the tank for reuse.
  • The facility will work with their supplier on the design of the new catch pan.